4 interesting things about San Francisco that you probably didn’t know

San Francisco is a great city to visit. It is also a good city to live in. Here are some interesting facts about this city that you probably didn’t hear before.

The Golden Gate Bridge is not red


The color of the Golden Gate Bridge is not red; it is ‘International Orange.’ The Navy wanted to paint it with black and yellow stripes. In that case, the bridge would look like a bumble bee!

The official instrument of San Francisco is the accordion

Music is a big part of the culture in San Francisco. Though many musical instruments are played in concerts, the accordion is the official instrument of San Francisco.

Maiden Lane was home to the brothels in the 1800s

It is known as one of the most expensive shopping streets in San Francisco. But it was called the Morton Street before and was the city’s red-light district. The street had brothels lined up with about 1,000 prostitutes of various nationalities. The police stayed away from this street unless there was any case of murder. There used to be about 12 cases of murder every month on this street.

The bear on the state flag lived in the Golden Gate Park

The name of the bear was Monarch, and he weighed about 1,100 pounds. It was one of the last wild grizzly bears that were found in California. He was brought to a zoo in the Golden Gate Park in 1889 and stayed there for 22 years. He died in 1911.

These interesting facts make San Francisco more popular.It’s a great place to visit. You should make time to visit this city at least once in your lifetime.

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