4 reasons why San Francisco is a sustainable city

San Franciso is one of the most environmentally-conscious cities in America. There are some practices and policies that make it more sustainable compared to the other cities. Here are the reasons why San Francisco is a sustainable city.

Sustainable food

Vegan cuisines are major parts of San Franciscan food. Organic food purchases are encouraged. These foods are bought from local farms that grow food sustainably. The menus in restaurants vary depending on the season. Restaurants serve sustainably-sourced seafood.

Waste Reduction

San Francisco plans to live waste-free by the year 2020. The city is giving efforts to reduce the overflowing landfills. It banned plastic bags in 2007. A large-scale urban food waste and composting program were held in San Francisco in 2009 to make people aware of the necessity of reducing waste. Greenhouse emissions reduced in the city by 12% from the levels of 1990. Farmers in San Francisco use nutrient-rich compost to produce food.

Infrastructure and transportation

There are buses in San Francisco that are ‘zero emissions’ or ‘hybrid-electric.’ Since 1999, more than 700 cleaner air vehicles were introduced. Many buildings are eco-friendly.

Water Conservation

Water conservation efforts are taken for decades in San Francisco. It has drastically reduced it’s water consumption. The residents of San Francisco use only 49 gallons of water every day on average, compared to 100 gallons a day in other states. San Francisco provides free water saving devices to the residents, like high-efficiency shower heads. These help in using less water.

People of San Francisco have developed the habit of recycling, conserving water and other ways of sustainable living. Other cities should also follow the footsteps of San Francisco and make cities more sustainable.

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